Our trips
Albania is a small and little known country that has a lot to offer: fabulous landscapes and intact nature, countless opportunities for sports, good climate, authentic culture and wonderful people. If you are looking for new destinations or love challenges, with us you are where you should be. We organize for you a variety of tours enabling you enjoy Albania in all its diversity.

Our tours are organized by sportsmen and nature lovers. Our tour guides are committed and enthusiastic professionals and we are the only Albanian tour operator offering such kind of tours. Many of our destinations are not jet marked summits.

We want you enjoy the beauties of our country in all their diversity and therefore we also offer recreational and leisure tours on the Ionian coast.

We arrange tours for families. For children we plan not very challenging activities, many games or provide lots of care, so that parents have the opportunity to perform the selected activities comfortably.

Our tours are:

Group tours:
The number of participants in each group varies, depending on the type and difficulty of travel. On tours with great danger or elevate challenge level you will be accompanied by more than a guide.
Transportation of passengers will be performed by minibuses (8 to 15 seats) or off road vehicles. Horses or off road vehicles will be available to groups for transportation of luggage and equipment. Optionally, we can also arrange off road tours.
In some of our tours you have the possibility to choose the type of accommodation. For bookings within 30 days prior travel departure date, you can choose between the various options that we offer: Hotels with two or more beds, guesthouse or tents. For each type of accommodation we guarantee the best service possible, safety and our continued support.
In most of our travels in the Alps, the guests are accommodated in guesthouses where they live together with local residents, can participate in their everyday life, watch their customs. Tasting of traditional food is a unique experience.

Private tours:

According to your wishes, we can also arrange private tours, tours with reduced number of participants or tours with itineraries set by yourself. To accomplish these tours you must notify us in advance and explain us your wishes and preferences.

Parallel tours:
For some of the planned tours, you are offered every day two different programs that run in parallel and between which you can choose spontaneously at the beginning of each day. You can choose according to your physical condition or your desires.
These are in particular:
-Tours in the South of the country, where a group can exercise alpine activity, while the rest can choose between short walks or just having fun and relaxing at the shores of the Ionian Sea.
-Tours to the Albanian Alps where part of the group can choose long and difficult activities and the rest can choose short and easy walks.
-Family tours in which parents can comfortably perform their selected itineraries while we accompany their children in activities appropriate for them, or during different organized games.

Family Tours:
We also arrange tours for families. For children, we organize simple sports activities in the mountains or along the coast, various games or entertainment, while parents participate in activities organized for them. Children can spend time with farm animals, collect rare plants and flowers in our company or participate in the production of traditional products

Tours for young people:
We also organize tours for young people aged 15 to 25.
They are intended primarily for those who don't yet have much experience in the mountains and still have much to learn. We also plan the right entertainment for young people, so that they enjoy to the fullest their stay in Albania.

We arrange tours for you in different areas of Albania.

1. Tours to the Alps:
The view that unfolds in the Albanian Alps is magnificent: woods, meadows and green valleys, high rock walls, rivers and crystal clear mountain lakes, magnificent waterfalls. Albanian Alps occupy a relatively small, but diversified area ideal for hiking, climbing, and walking. Albanian Alps have something for everyone.
Getting to know the polite and helpful residents is an experience in itself. They also invite you to experience something special and are at your disposal.
Like the country and its people, our tours are also diverse.
It seems as if time has stood still to preserve what both nature and humans have created, which can hardly be found elsewhere.
For that reason, we invite you to enjoy everything that the Albanian Alps offer.

2. Tours to the south of Albania:
In the Albanian Riviera, you will find not only adventure, but rest & recreation on the coast after walking or hiking. Once you have descended 2000 meters, you can enjoy the sun or go bathing in the crystal clear waters.
We also arrange boat tours along the coast, during which you will be able to relax and bathe in the sea. It is very difficult to find such clean, white and untouched beaches and crystal clear waters elsewhere.

The major priority to us is environment protection. Please consider it whenever you choose a tour.