Business Terms and Conditions
We kindly ask you to read carefully the following business conditions before you decide to participate in a tour. They are important parts of the agreement between you and AFA, along with the terms of use and information on the level of difficulty included in the content of each tour description. This agreement becomes effective at the time of booking a tour.

1. Participation
a) Everyone who meets the necessary requirements of the respective itinerary and is properly equipped may participate on our tours. If at the beginning or during the tour the guide notes that the participant does not meet these requirements, he/she is entitled to exclude the participant from all or a part of the tour program. AFA will simply reimburse the value of the saved expenses.
b) Age limit: Tour participants of all ages are welcome to travel with AFA, but children under 18 should be accompanied by a parent or an adult.
c) Substitution of the participant: Up to the departure date, you reserve the right to bring in your place a substitute participant who meets the same needed requirements. You remain our contractor and are responsible for the fulfillment of all determined contractual obligations together with the new participant.

2. Booking
a) You can book a travel electronically, once you have properly filled in the booking form.
b) Booking changes are possible up to 20 days before travel. The prerequisite in making the changes happen, in any case, is the existence of the possibility to meet the desires of the participant on the tour.
c) If you are booking for more than one participant, together with them you are responsible to meet the obligations imposed by the contract.

3. Services
a) Services offered for each tour are listed in the description of the relevant travel and the various publications of AFA. After booking you will receive a summary of all these costs together with the booking confirmation.
b) Changes in service by AFA: AFA reserves the right to declare changes in service due to unpredictable causes before the end of the contract; the tour participant must be notified on that prior to booking.
Changes in significant services under the signed contract, which should be carried out after the closure of the contract, are permissible only if they do not affect the overall performance of the tour. AFA is obliged to inform the passengers about these changes.
If changes are essential, the tour participant reserves the right to withdraw from the travel agreement or claim participation in another tour to the same value. AFA is obliged to offer the participant another tour with no extra costs.
Changes or deviations from the travel descriptions due to road and weather conditions are possible at any time. We cannot guarantee a strict performance of travel in every single detail.
c) Changes in services by trip participants. If the trip participant does not use special travel services that are part of the journey by descriptions, he/she has no right to seek reimbursement of their value or the price of the tour. AFA, in agreements with service providers, will try to reimburse the value of unused services, if such a thing is possible.
d) Specific requirements. If the participant in the tour has a handicap or any special requests, he/she must notify AFA at the time of booking. If AFA or the service providers cannot provide the required services, AFA reserves the right to cancel booking.
e) Specific desires: If the trip participant has any special desires that are not necessarily part of the journey, he/she must notify AFA at the time of booking. AFA will work hard to meet the specific desires. We will confirm you in writing on the fulfillment of such special wishes.

4. Changes in Price
Once stated, prices are binding for AFA. AFA reserves the right to change the trip price before the conclusion of the agreement, in case there is a rise in prices of individual services.
a) Changes in price by AFA: If after the conclusion of the agreement, prices of transport services, particularly those of fuel increase, AFA can increase the tour price in accordance with the relevant amount of these costs. AFA is obliged to inform the tour participants about the price increase at least 30 days before travel. In case of a price increase of over 5%, the participant in the tour retains the right to require either withdrawal from the travel agreement or participation in another tour of the same value, if AFA is able to offer it without a price increase. The travel participant has to inform AFA, at least 20 days prior to departure if he/she will take part in the tour.
b) Changes in price by participant in the travel:
Change in price is allowed when, along with the tour, you want to purchase additional services with regard to it. The participant in the travel will be notified prior to reservation on the causes and amount of price changed.

5. Payments
a) Once you have booked the trip, we will provide you with a written confirmation and invoice. Within 15 days and, in any event, in no less than 15 days prior to departure (the valid date is that when cash transfer is effected in the account of AFA) 30% of the travel price is mandatory. All costs of bank transfers are the responsibility of participant in the travel. Payment of the remaining amount will be performed in Tirana before the commencement date of the travel. For tours with maximum price of 150 Euros, the entire amount has to be paid after receiving the invoice and, in any case, no later than 15 days prior to travel.
b) If participant in the travel does not perform the payments on due time, AFA has the right to withdraw from the travel agreement.

6. Cancellation
You can withdraw from the travel at any time prior to its commencement. For this, you must explain in writing the reasons for your decision. When you withdraw up to 30 days before the travel commencement date, you will pay a fee of 20% of the travel price. For later cancellations or no-show, a fee of 30% of the price arises.

7. Minimum number of participants
Our travel can be performed only if the declared minimum number of participants is achieved. If not, AFA has the right to withdraw from the travel agreement before its commencement. AFA is obliged to notify the participant in the travel at least 15 days before the contracted commencement date of the tour and also reimburse the entire amount of the payments made up to that point.
If you want to participate on the travel but the minimum number of participants is not achieved, we will prepare a new offer for you. If you agree with the new estimated price, a new agreement will be drafted.

8. Rules for documents and health status
AFA is not responsible for adhering to the procedures related to passports, visas, customs and foreign exchange.
If you need medication, you should take it with you in sufficient quantities. If you are forced to interrupt the travel or one of its phases at an early stage for health reasons that are no responsibility of AFA, all additional relevant costs will be charged to you.
You should contact AFA for any pre-existing health condition.

9. Insurance
The participant in travel has sole responsibility for payment of proper travel insurance prior to the commencement date (covering cancellation, curtailment, injury, illness, death, as well as expenses related thereto). AFA shall not check the existence or the validity of the insurance policy, but reserves the right of requiring a copy of it.

10. Warranties
If travel is affected due to deficiencies and the tour organizer does not take appropriate action within a reasonable time, the traveler can withdraw from the travel agreement by submitting his/her explanation in writing.
Setting of a deadline for taking of action to correct trip deficiencies is done only when it makes sense and can be accomplished within the timeline. If action taking is no use or it is timely impossible, cancellation of the agreement will be performed to the benefit of the passenger.

11. Limitation of Liability
When proved that AFA is responsible to participant in the travel for non-physical or health harms that are not caused by it, but by the service providers, the contractual obligation of AFA to the traveler is limited to the extent of 200% of the travel price.

12. High mountain risks
Most of our travels are carried out on the mountains. For this reason, there is a considerable risk for accidents and injuries. Despite the very careful preparation of tours by AFA and the good care of the mountain hiking tour guides, risk and uncertainty can neither be totally reduced, nor excluded. You should also note that in the highlands of Albania, there are not many rescue or treatment possibilities.
Therefore from each participant is required personal awareness, a suitable preparation for the trip and willingness to face risks.

13. Place of dispute resolution
The trip participant can sue AFA only at the court of the city where AFA Headquarters is located.