Vision and Mission
Our mission is to offer our guests the chance to discover new and attractive destinations, remain active, experience the adventure and have fun.

Our Vision
Our current and future vision is consistently oriented towards sustainable tourism.

Organization of outdoor activities and tours, especially in the highlands, requires professionalism, commitment, enthusiasm, and love for the mountains and nature. We have decided to establish AFA, as we think that these are exactly our features. Our partners are young athletes, who in years have accumulated valuable experience in outdoor activities, thanks to their love for nature and passion for the mountains.

The motto of all our tours is "Stay active and enjoy nature." We are aware that in our modern times, people are caught up in the daily rush and lack the necessary time to relax and also perform sporting activities. For this reason, we have organized tours for you, which offer the opportunity to relax, enjoy and stay active simultaneously.

We love our country and we are convinced that it offers as much opportunity and is as beautiful as its neighboring countries. For many reasons, Albania for a long period has not been an important travel destination. We are aware that Albania is not perfect, and it lacks century-old tourism culture as elsewhere. But we are confident that Albania offers diversity, multiple values, and boundless hospitality, which are also the focus of our trips.

We calculate our prices very carefully and responsibly, and our trips are competitive. Through careful planning of activities and avoiding of unnecessary costs, through preferential price of our service providers, costs may be further reduced, despite continued quality enhancement. For many of our tours, we also offer accommodation in tents and therefore even lower prices.

One of our most important goals is to meet the desires and needs of families with children. We organize events or games suitable for children and offer entertainment for children or "babysitting" service. We love children and would love to take care of them, while parents participate in other activities organized by us.

Most of our trips are flexible. Travelers have the opportunity to choose the way of housing or transportation vehicle. For some trips we offer every day two programs with varying degrees of difficulty among which you can choose.

We love and respect nature and our trips are nature friendly. Accommodation of our visitors is done in local inns; we help plant trees and maintain trails. Our activities bring economic benefits to the remote regions of Albania. We provide environmental training for the population and raise their awareness of the values and preservation of their cultural and natural heritage.

We arrange authentic trips. Our visitors will be hosted in local homes, where they will live together with local residents, and will have the opportunity to familiarize with their habits and needs. During their stay the visitors will be able to consume only locally produced products.