Trekking between Valbona and Theth

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8 Days € 590

Travel dates:2017-07-08 to 2017-07-15           Reservation

Travel dates:2017-08-19 to 2017-08-26           Reservation

Walking/hiking in the romantic Valbona valley and Thethi Natural Park.
Varied and close to nature.
Summit ascent possibility: Cet Harusha 2422 m.
The emerging Tirana and Dajti Mountain, and the traditional Shkodra.
Return trip through Kosovo
Accommodation in hotels and guest houses.

This journey leads you into the national parks of Valbona and Theth. They are two of the most beautiful and virgin nature areas in Albania. It is difficult to find such places where beauty and wildlife are combined so magnificently. You will notice how different these territories are from each - other, despite the small distance between them.

Day 1: Shkodra , the centre of north Albania. The journey begins at noon, immediately after arriving at Tirana airport. We drive to Shkodra, one of the oldest inhabited cities in Albania with an over 2400-years old history. Numerous people, countries and cultures have left their traces on this city of culture. Many places, sights, monuments, memorials, statues and ruins bear witness of this eventful history. After the city tour, dinner in a traditional restaurant "A la carte". Overnight in a hotel in Shkodra. Wt 2 h. (-/-/D)

Day 2: Thethi, the oldest village in the Albanian Alps, 750m.T2 +, Wt.6 h, Am ↑ 450 Dm ↓ 1370
After breakfast drive towards Theth up to the "Buni i Thores", where the hike of the day begins. From here the view in almost all directions is very appealing. The trail goes over the ridge of the mountain, mainly through woods, to the bridge of Kapre. The mountainous lake and the waterfall of Kapre with its ice-cold water are located here. We will walk over the bridge and then through a visible path over rocks to Ndërlysë. The natural spectacle of water passing through the narrow karst rocks and forming strange-shaped sculptures is to be admired. The vehicle which will drive us to the village of Theth awaits us here. The accommodation is provided in a simple but clean guest house with shared rooms. In the evening will be discussed the program for the next few days. (B/L/D)

Day 3: Theth and its surroundings. T2,Wt 5 - 6 h; Am ↑1050 Dm ↓1050
The day begins with an introductory walk through the village to visit the church and the "Lock- in tower" (Kulla e ngujimit). Then begins a varied hike to the 30 meters high and one meter wide gorge of Grunas and the waterfall with the same name. Then, the walk will take northeast up to Theth - Ulaj, where we will continue through a scree path into the beech woods and along a trail invisible at times, which gets increasingly steep up to the field of Dënell, 1600m above sea level. It is surrounded by a chain of high mountains from where the view of the Valley of Theth is very beautiful. After a short break, we will follow the same route back to the guest house. (B/L/D)

Day 4: The picturesque Peçakeqi Lake. T3, Wt 4h, Am ↑1030 Dm ↓1030
Starting from Thethi we follow the regular trail, which is relatively simple and runs at the right of the river bed. The path passes over small streams that end on Thethi river, up to the water source "Kroi i Shtrazës" in 930 m altitude, where the pine forest begins. The trail follows through the forest in the direction of Peja Pass (Qafa e Pejës), and becomes steeper. From Qafa e Pejës the view over the entire Thethi valley is breathtaking. The trail follows north with slight slope differences, on a firm grass and stony path and the descent continues in the direction of the Peçakeqi lake, from which the majestic fast vertical south wall of Arapi can be admired. After a short break, we follow the same path back to the guest house. (B/L/D)

Day 5: Through the Pass of Valbonë onto Rragam /Valbona Valley. T2+, Wt 6 h, Am ↑1070 Dm ↓800
Today’s hiking starts early in the morning. The ascent is initially soft and runs through the woods, then becomes steeper and continues on scree to the Pass of Valbonë (Qafa e Valbonës). From here, at a height of 1812 meters above sea level, the view over the valleys of Valbonë and Theth is unique. The descent towards Valbonë is initially craggy, getting softer as we approach the valley and then going through an open forest. We will walk through the valley of Valbonë up to Rragam, which is at a height of 1130 m above sea level. Throughout the day, the horses will follow us carrying the luggage. Accommodation will be provided at the guest house in Rragam / Valbonë. (B/L/D)

Day 6: The challenging Çet Harusha 2422 m. T4, Wt 8 - 9 h, Am 1492 ↑ Dm ↓ 1492
The path to the summit starts in Valbona and follows the north-western side of the mountain range up to the source "Buni i Ziçit", at 1495 meters altitude. The trail continues through the forest to the saddle, at height from 2,100 meters and then turns to the left toward to the upper south face of Çet Harusha that is covered by alpine meadows. On the mountain summit one can enjoy an impressive panorama over Valbona Valley and the village, several summits such as Jezerca, Rosi, Brijas and a nice view of the glacial valley of Kukaj. After a break on top, the descent follows from the same trail. (B/L/D)

Day 7: The return trip runs through Kosovo. We will stop in Prizren, where we are having lunch and a short city tour. Afterwards we will continue the trip and arrive in Tirana at around 4:00 pm. Time for a break and then we take the cable car to Dajti mountain, part of Dajti National Park. The mountain has two main summits: Dajti (1,613 m) and Tujani (1531 m) north of it, both covered with dense beech forests. Dajti mountain is part of Krujë-Dajt mountain range, which rises abruptly from the coastal plain and is cut by deep river valleys. The mountain consists mainly of limestone. From the cable car terminal at "Fusha e Dajtit" (1050 m) there’s a magnificent view over Tirana, Durrës and the whole central-west Albania up to the Adriatic sea. Here we will have dinner at a traditional restaurant "A la carte" and then return to the hotel in Tirana. (B/ L/ D)

Day 8: Transfer to airport after breakfast according to the flight schedule (B/-/-).

Additional information

If you are coming in a prearranged group, you can pick the date of this tour yourself.

On days 2-6, due to length of walking and climbing, it is impossible to go back to guest house for lunch. Thus, you will be given a daily lunch-packet with you.

Hiking on day 5 will be accompanied by mules / horses that will carry the luggage. Therefore, it is important to pack your belongings in bags and not in suitcases. You will carry only your personal backpack.

This travel starts around noon on the arrival day. If you arrive in Tirana in the evening of this day, it is impossible to participate in activities scheduled for day one. All saved expenses will be reimbursed.

The journey begins immediately after landing at the airport in Tirana where reception is scheduled. If you enter Albania through other border checkpoints and via other routes, we can pick you up against additional charge, enabling your participation in the tour. If this is the case, you should carefully fill in the appropriate field of the reservation form.

Within the travel, the sequence of the daily tours may change depending on weather conditions. Your mountain guide will adapt the program to the weather conditions in the best possible way.

If you wish to travel to Albania a few days earlier or extend your journey by a few days, we are at your disposal to further organize your tour according to your wishes. All related services and costs are not included in the tour price and as such will be additionally calculated. For this purpose you should carefully fill in the field "Comments" in the booking form and explain in detail all your desires through an e – mail message sent to our agency.

Number of participants: 8 - 9 people

Included in the price
•   Transfer from and to the airport
•   All trips, whether by bus, off road vehicle according to the program schedule.
•   Cable car ride on the seventh day.
•   Entrance fees and sightseeing as per program
•   2 nights hotel accommodation in a double/twin room, with shower or bathtub and toilet.
•   5 nights in guest house in shared rooms, shower/ WC
•   6 x full board (Lunch packet for 5 x lunch)
•   Dinner on arrival day and breakfast on departure day
•   Selected restaurants "A la carte" in Shkodra, Tirana and Kosovo.
•   Luggage transport up to 15 kg per person on 2 and 5 day
•   Accompaniment by an English-or German-speaking mountain hiking or culture guide

Not included in the price
Any type of insurance.
All drinks in guest houses, hotels and bars.


€ 20 per day Single room supplement
Tips € 20

Equipment list

Backpack, approximately 30l
Rain cover for backpack
Hiking shoes/boots (category B/C)
Shoes/Sneakers for traveling and sightseeing
Hiking sandals
Telescopic walking poles
Sleeping bag liner
Long legged hiking trousers
Short legged hiking trousers
Waterproof trousers
T-shirts / shirts
Sweater/Jacket: (Recommended Fleece/Wind stopper)
Waterproof jacket
Warm hat
Rain coat
Drinking bottle/ Thermos Flask
First aid kit
Insect repellent