Biking through national parks of Razëm and Theth.

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8 Days € 690

Travel dates:2017-08-05 to 2017-08-12           Reservation

Cycling in Razëm and its surroundings, Boga and Thethi National Park.
The vibrant Tirana and biking through its surroundings.
Cycling in Shkodra and to Rozafa castle.
Accommodation at three star hotels in Tirana, Shkodra, Razëm and in guest houses.
Selected restaurants "A la carte" in Tirana and Shkodra.

This is a bike tour through two of the most beautiful areas of the Albanian Alps. Some trails are challenging and some simple making it possible not only to bike, but also to enjoy the natural beauty around you. This tour is suitable not only for athletes but also for those who want to spend an active holiday in Albania in contact with nature. During all the journey you will be accompanied by our cars that will transport your luggage or bikes and assist you.

Day 1. The vibrant capital city Tirana and its surroundings. G2 +, 8 km, 2 hours.
After arrival at noon, transfer from “Mother Teresa” airport to the hotel in downtown Tirana. Tirana is located in Central Albania, at the western foot of Dajti Mountain at an altitude of 110m.
After a short break we will pick you up at the hotel and drive you to the south of the city. On the edge of the park with the lake of Tirana we will start our bike trip. At the starting point where you will get the bikes, your bike guide will be waiting to welcome you. For today an introductory tour through the prepared Bicycles tracks of the park is planned.
Dinner will be provided at a traditional restaurant, where you can choose between various dishes on the menu. Then, you will be accompanied to the hotel. (-/ -/ D)

Day 2: Shkodra, the cetre of north Albania and Razëm, the village in the middle of intact nature.G 1+, 38 km, 5 - 6 hours.
Today’s activities start early in the morning with the drive to Lezha. From there ride in the direction of Shkodra following the old road through Torovica up to Bushati, and then drive to Shkodra, one of the oldest inhabited cities in Albania with an over 2400-years old history. In Shkodra we have planned a city tour, a visit of the Historic Museum and afterwards an uphill ride to the the ruins of the Rozafa castle. It lies on the top of a steep hill between the rivers Buna and Drin at 110 m above sea level. Its origins date back to pre-Roman times of the Illyrians and the castle has determined the destiny of the city until modern times. With the exception of the fortified walls of the castle, most buildings are destroyed. After having lunch at a traditional restaurant in Shkodra we drive to Razëm, where are planned the dinner and the accommodation in a hotel in the middle of the Natural Park of Razëm. (B/L/D)

Day 3: Natural Park Razëm und its surroundings: 1022 m.G 3, 20 km, 4 hours.
Razëm is located 40 km from Shkodra and 50 km from Thethi, in a very picturesque area that offers several sports opportunities. Today's bike trip runs mostly through the forest on visible tracks that sometimes become steeper. Return to the hotel in the afternoon and time for a bath, sauna or for a football game. Dinner is planned at the restaurant of the same hotel where you can taste the original home made products and traditional dishes. It is possible to organize a small barbecue party too. (B/L/D)

Day 4: Boga, the village in the middle of the Cursed Mountains (Bjeshkët e Namuna). 950 m. G 2+, 25 km, 5 hours. Am↑370m, Dm↓ 442 m.
For today the destination of our bike trip is Boga, a village located in a beautiful valley surrounded by the Alps. The descent begins to the south and leaving the village Vrith on our right we continue biking on the track that runs on south-east.
As we pass the village Bzheta we follow the way that turns sharply to the left. It is the only track that leads to Boga. From here, in the altitude of 580 m, we bike up to Boga winding down and uphill around the slope of the mountain. The dinner and the accommodation are provided in a simple but clean guest house with shared rooms in Boga. (B/L/D)

Day 5: Bike trip to Theth the oldest village of the Albanian Alps. 750m. G 3, 25 Km, 5 hours, Am↑765 m, Dm↓965m.
For several miles, the track towards Theth runs along the valley, mainly through woods. During the ride, which initially is not very challenging, you have the possibility to enjoy the wonderful landscapes. We follow the not paved road that is relatively flat up to Okol Field (Fushë Okol). Then begins the ascent that becomes steeper as we approach the mountain saddle at Buni i Thores in 1715 m altitude. From here the view over Ndërlysa and Zorzi mountain is breathtaking. The ride downhill in the direction of Thethi follows through forest and alpine meadows. The dinner and the accommodation are provided in a simple but clean guest house with shared rooms in Thethi. (B/L/D)

Day 6: Cycling from Thethi to Kir. G 2+, 43 km, 6 - 7 hours, Am↑800 m, Dm↓1050 m.
Today's is a very challenging ride, which starts early in the morning. We will follow the old road that connects Shkodra with Theth that runs through the valleys of the rivers Shala and Kir surrounded by a splendid panorama, rugged and spectacular mountains and intact nature. The trip begins with the ride towards Ndërlysa, then follows the only track that runs mostly uphill up to the Pass of Shoshi Mountain (an altitude difference of 800 m in a distance of 23 km). From there we ride in the direction of the village of Kir, where overnight is planned in tents. (B/L/D)

Day 7:Cycling from Kir to Shkodra. G 2, 32 km, 4 hours, Dm↓450 m.
The day begins with the ride from Kir to "Ura e Mesit" in the vicinity of Shkodra. After lunch at a traditional restaurant in Shkodra, drive to Tirana and accommodation in hotel. At the afternoon, time for a guided walk through the city and visit of the Et'hem Bej Mosque, Skanderbeg monument, clock tower. Dinner will be provided at a traditional restaurant. (B/L/D)

Day 8: Transfer to the airport. After breakfast in the morning, the transfer to the airport will be according to your scheduled flight. (B/ -/ -)

Additional information

If you are coming in a prearranged group, you can pick the date of this tour yourself.

On days 2-6, due to length of biking, it is impossible to stop for lunch in restaurants. Thus, you will be given a daily lunch-packet with you.

Biking will be accompanied by an offroad vehicle that will transport your luggage and will be in your disposal to resolve problems with the bikes. If you want, you may carry your personal backpack.

This journey starts around noon on the arrival day. If you arrive in Tirana in the evening of this day, it is impossible to participate in activities scheduled for day one. All saved expenses will be reimbursed.

The journey begins immediately after landing at the airport in Tirana where reception is scheduled. If you enter Albania through other border checkpoints and via other routes, we can pick you up against additional charge, enabling your participation in the travel. If this is the case, you should carefully fill in the appropriate field of the reservation form.

Within the travel, the sequence of the daily tours may change depending on weather conditions. Your mountain guide will adapt the program to the weather conditions in the best possible way.

If you wish to travel to Albania a few days earlier or extend your stay by a few days, we are at your disposal to further organize your journey according to your wishes. All related services and costs are not included in the tour price and as such will be additionally calculated. For this purpose you should carefully fill in the field "Comments" in the booking form and explain in detail all your desires through an e – mail message sent to our agency.

Number of the participants: 8 - 10 people

The price includes
•   Transfer from and to the airport
•   All trips, whether by bus or off road vehicle according to the program schedule.
•   Entrance fees and sightseeing as per program
•   4 nights hotel accommodation in a double/twin room, with shower or bathtub and toilet.
•   2 nights in guest houses in shared rooms, shower/ WC
•   1 night in tent (no shower facilities).
•   6 x full board (Lunch packet for 3 x lunch)
•   Dinner on the arrival day and breakfast on departure day.
•   Selected restaurants "A la carte" in Tirana and Shkodra.
•   Luggage transport during the entire journey.
•   Accompaniment by an English-speaking bike or culture guide during the entire journey.
•   Accompaniment by a support car during the bike trip.
•   Assistance to resolve problems concerning the bicycles.

The price does not include
Any type of insurance.
Any beverages in hotels, restaurants and bars.

Additional costs
A supplement of € 20 /day for a single room.
Tips of about € 20.
Possibility to rent a mountain bike for € 90,–/Week

Equipment list

Front or full suspension mountain bike
Cycling helmet
Cycling gloves
Water bottles for bikes or drinking system
Backpack, approximately 25 l
Rain cover for backpack
First aid kit
Shoes/Sneakers for traveling and sightseeing
Sleeping bag liner
Sweater/Jacket (Recommended Fleece/Wind stopper)
Waterproof jacket
T-shirts / shirts
Insect repellent