Albania all in one off road tour

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Travel dates:2018-06-16 to 2018-06-27           Reservation

Valbona and Theth, the canyon of Grunas and Ndėrlysa.
The picturesque villages along the Ionian coast: Borshi, Porto Palermo, Himara, Jali, Dhėrmi, and the National Park of Llogara.
Kosovo with Mirusha waterfalls, Prizren and Gjakova.
The vibrant Tirana, the city at Ohrid lake- Pogradec, the cities of Korēa and Voskopoja, the coastal Saranda, the ancient Berati, the archaeological site of Apollonia.
Drive along the marvellous canyon of the river Osumi, along the canyons of Langarica and Progonat.

This tour runs through the most beautiful places in Albania, unbeaten trails, remote regions, scenic landscapes. All stages differ from each other, some of them are very challenging, but all are very interesting. You will drive on trails winding up and down the slopes of the mountains, across the river's beds and through wonderful valleys.

Day 1: 85 km (From Shkodra). Meeting at the border crossing point from Montenegro, drive to Shkodra and then to Theth. Visit of the village and drive to the Canyon of Grunas and Ndėrlysa. (70 km paved road and 15 km gravel and barely maintained roadway, mostly exposed and single track).

Day 2: 295 km. Drive from Ndėrlysa to Kir and Koman (105 km gravel and barely maintained roadway, mostly exposed and single track). Then drive to Pukė, lunch break and drive to Valbonė (190 km paved road).

Day 3: 190 km (Paved road). Drive from Valbona to Morinė and entering Kosovo. Then drive to Mirusha waterfall. Lunch and drive to Gjakove - Prizren.

Day 4: 220 km. Drive from Prizren to Vėrmicė, entering Albania and drive to Kukės (50 km paved road). From there drive to Lurė. (170 km gravel and barely maintained roadway, mostly exposed and single track). Overnight in tents.

Day 5: 230 km. Drive to Kurbnesh - Bulqizė - Tiranė (20 km paved road and 210 km gravel and barely maintained roadway, mostly exposed and single track)

Day 6: 270 km. Drive to Pogradec. After the lunch at a restaurant at the lake, drive to Korēė - Voskopojė (65 km paved road and 205 km gravel and barely maintained roadway, mostly exposed and single track)

Day 7: 155 km. Drive to Berat over Lekas.(10 km paved road and 145 km gravel and barely maintained roadway, mainly single track). After lunch visit of the old town.

Day 8: 240 km. Drive to Ēorovoda along 50 km of paved road that offers very beautiful views. From here following the river Osumi and its wonderful canyons, drive to Frashėr and then to Langarica to visit the canyons of the river with the same name. Then drive to Goranxi and overnight in tents (170 km gravel and barely maintained roadway, mostly exposed and single track, and 20 km paved road).

Day 9: 78 km. Drive from Goranxi to Sarandė. Free time and dinner at the restaurant in Lėkursi castle overlooking Saranda (26 km gravel road and 52 km paved road).

Day 10: 128 km. This is a challenging stage of the tour because of the presence of some technically difficult and very narrow sections. Drive to Fushėbardhė - Tepelenė - Progonat, where the overnight in tents is planned. (Gravel and barely maintained roadway, mostly exposed, single track, technically difficult).

Day 11: 75 km. This stage includes some technically difficult sections, because you have to drive along the river bed. Drive to the village of Kuē. From here drive to Borsh - Qeparo - Himarė - Livadh - Jalė. On the way visits of the Castle of Ali Pasha Tepelena at the Porto Palermo Bay and of the old town of Himara. (7 km in river bed, 48 km gravel and barely maintained roadway, mostly exposed and narrow single track, partially technically difficult and 20 km paved road).

Day 12: 230 km paved road. Today's is a tour along the Ionian coast following the very scenic highway from Jali to Llogara National Park. Visit of the characteristic village of Dhėrmi and coffee break in the park. Drive to Vlora and lunch at a restaurant at the seaside. From here drive to Apollonia and visit of the archeological site. Drive to Tirana. Dinner and some free time to enjoy the night life in any of the bars at "Blloku" district.

Additional information

This is a tour we organize with the request of our guests. Thus, for dates. availability, detailed itineraries, information about the accommodation, prices, write us at:

The journey begins at the border crossing point from Montenegro. If you enter Albania through other border checkpoints and via other routes, we can make the appropriate changes in the sequence of the daily tours, in order to enable you the participation in the travel.

If you wish to travel to Albania a few days earlier or extend your stay by a few days, we are at your disposal to further organize your journey according to your wishes.

We can help you with everything concerning your vehicles: parking, services, supply, cleaning.
Our guides will accompany you throughout the journey. You can also discuss with them other travel alternatives in order to adjust the tour to your wishes, if possible.

We are responsible for the towing of vehicle to the nearest asphalted road, if needed.

Meals and accommodation
On days 4, 8 and 10 the accommodation is possible only in tents (no shower possibility). For the remaining days you have the possibility to choose among accommodation in tents or in friendly and comfortable 3 or 4 star hotels.
During the journey it will be possible to enjoy the traditional Albanian dishes from the best restaurants. But if you prefer a lunch packet, or can prepare something by yourself, it will be possible too.

Equipment list

Offroad vehicle.
Minimum of 500Km fuel independence, 750Km recommended due to poor fuel quality in some regions.
Comfortable and cool clothing for driving.
Recovery equipment: Min 1 tow rope, 1 Spare wheel, 1 shovel
Vehicle specific toolkit recommended.
Vehicle jack
A pair of protective boots, long legged trousers and gloves for working on the vehicle and recovery.
Vehicle specific repair manual recommended.
Vehicle documentation.

Shoes/Sneakers for traveling and sightseeing
Sleeping pad and sleeping bag (3 season)
T-shirts / shirts
Sweater/Jacket: (Recommended Fleece/Wind stopper)
Warm hat
Rain coat
Drinking bottle/ Thermos Flask
First aid kit