Tour through Albanian history and heritage.

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10 Days € 880

Travel dates:2018-06-01 to 2018-06-10           Reservation

Travel dates:2018-05-05 to 2018-05-14           Reservation

Travel dates:2018-09-30 to 2018-10-09           Reservation

The vibrant Tirana and visit of its main attractions

Visit of the cities of Elbasan, Pogradec, Korça, Përmet

Hike by the coast of Ohrid Lake and short tour on small boats

Guided visit of the traditional village of Voskopoja and its churches

Guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage City: Gjirokastra

Saranda and guided visit of Butrinti, the most important archaeological site in Albania and a UNESCO World Heritage

Guided visits of the characteristic village of Dhërmi, old Himara, Castle of Ali Pasha

Guided tour of the coastal city of Vlora

The ancient and modern city of Durrës and visit to with its Roman amphitheatre and main attractions

Since ancient times, Albania has seen different cultural influences come and go, leaving behind a host of archaeological and historical treasures that you will explore during this tour.

Day 1: Tirana, the capital city

After arrival at noon, transfer from “Mother Teresa” airport to the hotel in downtown Tirana. In the afternoon, a guided visit of the Et’hem Bey mosque, central boulevard and the downtown’s main attractions, is planned. Dinner will be provided at a traditional restaurant in Tirana, where you can choose between various dishes on the menu. After dinner, time for a drink in one of the bars of the “Block” area. Then, you will be accompanied to the hotel. (-/-/D)

Day 2: Elbasan, Pogradec and Korça

Drive to Elbasan early in the morning. The first stop is at the monastery of St. John Vladimir, build in the 14th century. After the visit a short sightseeing tour of downtown Elbasan is planned. Today's trip continues driving east in the direction of Ohrid Lake up to Lin village, which is believed to have served as the summer residence of Roman emperor Justinian’s parents. Here are planned the lunch, a visit of the remains of the 6th century basilica and a short walk by the lake. Then we will be driven to Pogradec and Korça. Dinner and accommodation are provided in a traditional restaurant and in a hotel in Korça. (B/L/D)

Day 3: Korça and Voskopoja

Korça, has plenty to offer to an eager tourist: delicious food, pleasant streets with residential architecture, nice people and rich culture. Right after breakfast a short walk is planned, along with the visit of the Oriental Art Museum “Bratko”. After lunch drive to Voskopoja and visit of the 18th century churches of Saint Nicholas, Saint Athanasius and Saint Elijah, where the Jewish star of David is well preserved. The day will end with a dinner in a traditional restaurant. (B/L/D)

Day 4: The city of flowers, Përmet

We will leave Voskopoja in the morning and drive south to the small towns of Erseka and Leskovik. Lunch is provided in Gërmenj, a wonderful village surrounded by intact nature. In Leskovik a walk is planned, through the old neighbourhood with stone houses and cobblestone streets, surrounded by the magnificent views of the Melesin and Pindus mountain ranges in the horizon. Dinner and accommodation are provided in Përmet. (B/L/D)

Day 5: Gjirokastra, the city of stone

The day begins with the drive to Gjirokastra, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an outstanding example of an Ottoman merchant town and one of the few still surviving in the Balkans. After lunch we will visit the castle, the ethnographic museum and the artisan centre. Dinner and accommodation are provided in Gjirokastra. (B/L/D)

Day 6: The coastal city of Saranda

The day begins with the drive south to Saranda. On the way, we will enjoy the spectacular secluded scenery of the “Blue Eye” spring and park. After lunch in Saranda you will have some free time. The dinner is organized at the restaurant that lies at "Lëkursi Caste" on the top of a hill overlooking the bay of Saranda. (B/L/D)

Day 7: Saranda and the ancient site of Butrint

We will start the day with the drive to Butrint and a guided tour through this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site is well known since the 7th century B.C. as the most important city of Epirus. After lunch at a restaurant by the seaside, we will travel to the Porto Palermo Bay and visit the 19th century castle of Ali Pasha. Dinner and accommodation are provided in Himara. (B/L/D)

Day 8: Albanian Riviera and the city of Vlora

The first activity of the day is the guided visit of the old town of Himara and its castle (century IV B.C. until century XVI). It had been built as a fortress for the Epirus tribe of Kaons. Then we will be transfered to Dhërmi, a village set into the mountain and one of the oldest and most characteristic villages on the Ionian Coast. The earliest signs of this settlement date back to the 1st century B.C. 

The next stop of our tour is in National Park of Llogara where lunch is planned. The park lies 35km south of Vlora, has an area of 1020ha and is covered with everlasting greenery. In the inner part of its forests there are beautiful meadows, countless natural resources and diverse animal and bird species. An amazing part of this park is the "Balcony" in Llogara pass, at the height of 1050m, from where the Ionian Sea can be seen.

After lunch, drive to Vlora, where a sightseeing tour through the city is planned. Dinner and accommodation are provided in Vlora. (B/L/D)

Day 9: Durrës - the ancient and modern town on the Adriatic Sea

After breakfast we will travel to Durrës. The city, founded in 627 BC has much to tell of its colourful story, beautiful beaches and attractions. We will have time for a short visit of the city, its Roman amphitheatre and lunch at one of the restaurants by the sea promenade. In the afternoon, transfer to Tirana, where dinner and accommodation are provided. After dinner you will have free time to enjoy the vibrant capital’s nightlife. (B/L/D)

Day 10: Transfer to the airport

After breakfast, the transfer to the airport will be according to your scheduled flight. (B/-/-)

Additional information

If you are coming in a prearranged group, you can choose the date of this tour yourself.

The journey begins right after landing at the airport of Tirana with the noon flight. If your flight is in the evening, it is necessary to come to Tirana one day earlier.

The journey begins immediately after landing at the airport in Tirana where reception is scheduled. If you enter Albania through other border checkpoints and via other routes, we can pick you up against additional charge, enabling your participation in the travel. If this is the case, you should carefully fill in the appropriate field of the reservation form.

If you wish to travel to Albania a few days earlier or extend your journey by a few days, we are at your disposal to further organize your travel according to your wishes. All related services and costs are not included in the tour price and as such will be additionally calculated. For this purpose, you should carefully fill in the field "Comments" in the booking form and explain in detail all your desires through an e - mail sent to our agency.

Number of the participants: 13 - 14 people

Included in the price:

• Transfer from and to the airport

• All trips according to the program schedule

• Entries and visits listed in the program

• 9 nights hotel accommodation in a double/twin room with shower and toilet

• 8 x full board

• Dinner on the arrival day and breakfast on departure day

• Selected restaurants "a la carte" during the entire journey

• Accompaniment by an English-speaking guide during the entire journey

Not included in the price:

• Any type of insurance

• Any beverages


€ 20, –/Day Single room supplement

Equipment list


Sneakers for traveling and sightseeing

Drinking bottle