These tours are suitable for families: ________________________________________________________________________________ They are technically not as difficult and can be performed by children. ________________________________________________________________________________ Some are organized according to the Parallel Tour concept: Parents can perform challenging activities and the children short and easy walks. While traveling in South Albania parents can perform the alpine activities and the kids can just relax on the beaches of the Ionian Sea. ________________________________________________________________________________ We take care of the children organizing games, easy and short walks, seaside activities and boat trips. ________________________________________________________________________________ For the children we organize also other activities: they can spend some time with the pets, collect rare plants and flowers with us, or participate in the production of local organic products.

Booking code VTWHCU022
8 Days € 660
Booking code TWIHZK15
5 Days € 420
Booking code SHCU72
7 Days € 589
Booking code CUMD54
1 Days € 60
Booking code SWHGK 25
5 Days € 390
Booking code TWH04
5 Days € 420