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The Alps are one of Albania’s best-kept secrets. Majestic scenery, spectacular mountains, remote valleys, deep gorges, glaciers, cliffs, rivers, caves and lakes combine with abundant flora and wildlife to offer the intrepid explorer a rare taste of adventure, mystery, beauty and solitude.

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The Albanian Alps

The Albanian Alps, also known as “The Accursed Mountains” are the southern-most part of the Dinaric Alps Mountain range.

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Albania’s hidden gem, the Alps, unveils a breathtaking tapestry of natural wonders that remain largely undiscovered. This enchanting region beckons to the intrepid explorer with its majestic scenery, a symphony of spectacular mountains, and remote valleys that seem to be frozen in time. Our Albanian Alps hiking tours will take you through these landscapes, offering a unique perspective on the rugged terrain and providing an immersive experience for adventure seekers.

The Albanian Alps boast a landscape rich in diversity, featuring deep gorges that carve through the rugged terrain, imposing glaciers that glisten in the sunlight, and vertiginous cliffs that defy the limits of imagination. Rivers meander gracefully through the landscape, cutting through the pristine wilderness and creating a network of crystalline lakes that mirror the surrounding peaks. Each bend in the rivers and every shimmering lake contributes to the allure of this untouched wilderness, creating a harmonious blend of serenity and grandeur. You can explore these natural wonders firsthand, tracing your way through the meandering trails that unveil the hidden treasures of this captivating landscape.

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