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As a tour operator, we are aware that in order to succeed in our mission we have to grow together with our service providers, guides and all the people we collaborate. For this reason, we have carried out various development programs mainly oriented towards the local communities […]

Our tours are deeply connected to the places we go and the people we meet along the way. We help our guests to see, taste, experience and get involved with the lives of local communities, in their kitchens, homes and villages as we journey through beautiful landscapes. Adventure and Fun Albania tours are  […]

Adventure & Fun Albania has a sustainable approach towards travel. We are strongly convinced that sustainable tourism is the best chance our country has to reduce poverty, to avoid massive emigration especially of young people, to have decent growth, reduce inequalities among regions, regenerate the nature, and  […]

We at Adventure & Fun Albania, believe that sustainable travel has the potential to have a large positive impact on our guests, our local suppliers and the environment.   From our beginning we have been welcoming small groups of travellers to Albania and the Western Balkans, showing them the best that the region has to offer […]

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