adventure & fun albania declares a climate emergency

We at Adventure & Fun Albania, believe that sustainable travel has the potential to have a large positive impact on our guests, our local suppliers and the environment.


From our beginning we have been welcoming small groups of travellers to Albania and the Western Balkans, showing them the best that the region has to offer. We have always had a sustainable approach towards travel, with activities that give back to the places and communities that we visit. We use local suppliers, stay in locally run family-owned accommodation, eat at local restaurants, and more than 70% of the food served during our trips is sourced locally.
We believe that the sustainable tourism industry is the best chance our country has to regenerate our nature, and to undo the many years of environmental damage that were caused by the unfortunate economic and political realities of our past.


Since our founding, we have worked to introduce sustainable tourism to Albania, and to have a positive impact on our environment. But we can’t ignore that we are part of a larger industry with a huge negative impact on our environment and planet.
Everyone in this industry is faced with the challenge of reducing our negative carbon impact. Acknowledging the seriousness of our environmental situation is an important step in overcoming this challenge. For this reason, we are declaring a climate emergency.


Adventure & Fun Albania declares a climate emergency:
By declaring a climate emergency, we are publicly committing to the following five actions:


1. Develop a Climate Action Plan
In the next 12 months we will publish a Climate Action Plan, taking into account the regional peculiarities and other problems in our unique setting. This plan will be adopted by us as soon as possible.


2. Sharing our commitment and progress publicly every year
We plan to share our commitment to the cause of responsible travel at length on our website.
We give clear guidelines for our guests, and suggest ways in which they can reduce their environmental impact and offset carbon emissions while travelling in the country.


3. Reducing carbon emissions
We accept the need to reduce global carbon emissions. We use renewable energy as much as possible, and have started a program to plant enough trees to offset the carbon emissions of all our tours.


4. Cooperation with suppliers and partners
We actively encourage our suppliers and partners to reduce their carbon emissions, reduce plastic consumption and adopt sustainable tourism practices.


5. Advocating for change
We recognise the need for change across the industry to accelerate a transition towards carbon-free tourism.

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