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As a tour operator, we are aware that in order to succeed in our mission we have to grow together with our service providers, guides and all the people we collaborate.

For this reason, we have carried out various development programs mainly oriented towards the local communities and service providers.

“The Bridge” – Our training institution
To support the guides, especially the local ones, Adventure and Fun Albania has established its own institution specialized in the training and certification of the hiking, climbing, canyoning and kayaking guides.
“The Bridge” is a training institution licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Education. It has elaborated training programs that are accredited by the Ministry of Tourism.
Residents from remote and lesser-known areas in Albania often struggle with financial constraints that make it challenging to participate in training programs. To address this issue, The Bridge provides their training at cost, ensuring accessibility for a wider range of participants.

Supporting the artisan women and local producers in the region of Gjirokastra
The surge in tourists’ numbers poses a threat to the survival of numerous handicraft shops, as they often shift towards offering more lucrative services. Without additional support many of these traditional crafts face the risk of disappearing.
Adventure and Fun Albania is now a participant in the program initiated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) aimed at preserving traditions, cultures, and crafts in the Gjirokastra Region.
In every journey to southern Albania, we integrate experiences provided by the “Experience Gjirokastra” foundation, an initiative led by women. We encourage our clients to support local artisans by exclusively choosing their handcrafted souvenirs. The restaurants where we have our meals are owned and operated by regional producers, using ingredients sourced from nearby farms.

Elaborating the standards and preparing the hiking trails
Albania is an emerging travel destination, and the outdoor tourism, in particular, is facing different issues, among which the lack of well-prepared hiking trails.
Adventure and Fun Albania has partnered with the German Development Cooperation – GIZ Albania, to contribute to the establishment of the National Standard of Hiking Trails. Through long efforts and extensive collaboration with experts, Albania has now a draft law outlining its hiking trail standards with the international norms.
Adventure and Fun Albania is also actively engaged in the preparation of these trails, collaborating closely with local actors in various destinations.

Training for local service providers
Adventure & Fun Albania crafts journeys that seamlessly blend diverse activities with local life experiences. We introduce our guests to local communities, inviting them to embrace the genuine warmth and hospitality. We stop along the way to savor the rhythms of life in rustic, occasionally secluded villages, allowing our guests to witness, engage with, and embrace the enduring essence of a lifestyle that has evolved little over centuries.
This requires, not only excellent organization and planning, but also a seamless collaboration with service providers to establish an accommodating environment for hosting travelers. However, service providers often face a shortage of experience and financial resources to enter the travel market.
Adventure and Fun Albania annually provides steadfast support to them through targeted training programs that align with market demands. These programs encompass essential subjects such as travel market operations, customer service and relations, cost analysis, and sustainability practices.

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