group tours

Our scheduled trips are diverse, just as Albania and the Western Balkans are.


We select the best that the region has to offer very carefully, combine different activities, with local life experiences, culinary highlights and sightseeing in order to create unique sustainable products based on local identities.


Our scheduled tours run with a reduced number of the participants. Depending on the type and the technical difficulty it may vary among 6 to 15 participants. You will be accompanied by more than one guide on complex tours.


Our scheduled tours are flexible: even though they are meticulously planned, you will have time to enjoy the activities and experiences on your own.



Do you need to be an athlete in order to participate?

Definitely not.

We don’t forget that you are a guest, a visitor, on a journey, someone looking to discover, explore, experience, and enjoy fun, adventures, life and beauty along the way.

Our tours are for all levels of skill. You choose the one that suits you best.

We give detailed information on the duration, technical difficulty and fitness levels required for each activity.




We respect your wish. Whether you want to travel alone, or accompanied by our guides during the entire trip – the choice is yours.



If you want to have your own pace, we can organize the entire trip for you and provide all the necessary information to perform it without a guide. We can book the accommodations, transfers, activities, experiences or even your meals for you. In any case you will not be alone: we are always a phone call away if you need us.


Daily/locally guided

We can offer you guiding service only during the day, during the visits of certain attractions, during activities or experiences and you can be on your own during the rest of the day. We provide you the best local guides.


Fully guided

If you choose to be accompanied by one of our guides for the entire trip, they will be available to you throughout the trip. They will answer your questions, give insider tips, will animate your activities, provide advice and at the same time respect your privacy.

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