group tours

Our group tours are diverse, just as Albania and the Western Balkans are.

We select the best that the region has to offer very carefully, combine different activities, with local life experiences, culinary highlights and sightseeing in order to create unique sustainable products based on local identities.

For your comfort, our group tours run with a small number of the participants, never exceeding 7 guests.

Our group tours are flexible: even though they are meticulously planned, you will also have time to enjoy the activities and experiences on your own.

Price from: 1528€
Booking code: CD01
Duration: 8 Days
Price from: 399€
Booking code: ALP05
Duration: 3 Days
Price from: 1437€
Booking code: POB01
Duration: 9 Days
Price from: 1131€
Booking code: CST02
Duration: 5 Days
Price from: 1581€
Booking code: CST01
Duration: 8 Days
Price from: 399€
Booking code: CST05
Duration: 3 Days
Price from: 1564€
Booking code: CST04
Duration: 8 Days
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