supporting local communities

Our tours are deeply connected to the places we go and the people we meet along the way.

We help our guests to see, taste, experience and get involved with the lives of local communities, in their kitchens, homes and villages as we journey through beautiful landscapes.

Adventure and Fun Albania tours are authentic and unique, designed to offer mutually beneficial experiences to both our guests as well as to our local hosts alike. Our aim is to let our guests taste the genuine welcome of Albanian friendships, flavours, experiences and vistas.

– Our presence brings direct economic benefits to these local, often remote communities. We use local suppliers and stay in family-run accommodation, eating in local homes or village restaurants. Most of the food served during our trips is sourced locally.

– We help reduce the regional inequalities in Albania between urban and rural areas and we support remote, rural communities, whose way of life has changed little in centuries, to find new ways to develop and thrive.

– One of the greatest outcomes of our presence as a tour operator is the creation of decent job opportunities, especially for young people who live in or are returning to these regions.

– We bring social benefits too, especially empowering local women by including many of their real-life activities, skills and crafts in our tours. Investing in their training, we aim to enable them to perform other hospitality related or guiding jobs.

– We are investing in some of the most remote regions supporting their local communities to develop as travel destinations, training local suppliers, financing local guide qualifications, helping to create detailed maps of resources, places of natural and historical interest, walking trails and other attractions.

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