hiking in kosovo, north macedonia & south albania

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Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania




11 Days

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4 – 6

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Why join this tour?

  • Small group hiking tour – industry-leading guest-to-guide ratio of not more than 6:1
  • Enjoy a roundtrip in three countries: Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania
  • Discover Prizren and Prishtina in Kosovo
  • Hike in the surroundings of Prizren
  • Hike to Mount Vodno and enjoy the views of Matka Canyon near Skopje
  • Enjoy the cultural discovery of Skopje
  • Dare to ascend Mount Tito, the second highest mountain in North Macedonia and admire from the peak the view over the Sharri Mountains and the three lands
  • Admire Ohrid and the surroundings – one of the few places on Earth declared both cultural and natural World Heritage by UNESCO
  • Enjoy the visit of Berati – UNESCO World Heritage
  • Hike along the ridge of Mount Shpiragu, in the surroundings of Berat
  • Hike to the top of Tomorri Mountain and enjoy the view over almost the entire Albanian territory
  • Hike along the Caesar’s path in Llogara National Park
  • Dare to ascent Mount Qorre and be amazed from the view of wild mountains and paradise beaches stretching along the coast
  • Enjoy the easy hike to Ngjipe Canyon and bathe in the crystal-clear sea at the Bay
  • Enjoy the scenic drive along the Ionian Coast
  • Enjoy different culinary highlights during the entire journey

The right tour for you?

  • This tour starts in the afternoon on the arrival day. If you arrive in the evening of this day, it is impossible to participate in activities scheduled for day one.
  • This is a hiking tour, so moderate level of fitness is required. We kindly ask you to read our daily trip descriptions which give detailed information about: terrain, technical difficulty, estimated walking times, ascent/descent in meters.
  • Please read the packing list carefully and bring all essential items with you especially the right walking shoes.
  • Being prepared to cope with the weather conditions is an important factor to consider before you travel. Be prepared for all elements – rain, wind, heat and cold.
  • Please bring a day pack/bag to carry clothing, water, packed meals, a camera etc. for the day trips.
  • Most of the time there is no shade so remember to bring a hat and sun protection. The temperatures may be very high during the Summer and don’t forget to have always plenty of water with you.
  • This trip covers 3 countries, so there is a fair amount of driving involved. We’ve planned it well, but make sure you are comfortable with spending up to 4 hours in the seat on any given day.
  • Packed meals are provided where it is impossible to have a meal at a restaurant.
  • We are strongly committed towards responsible and sustainable travel. We please you to follow our guidelines regarding sustainability.
Day 1: Arriving to Tirana

Welcome to Tirana. Your hotel is located in the downtown. There are plenty of attractions, cafes and bars to keep you busy. Founded in 1614, Tirana became the capital of Albania in 1920 and is the main cultural and industrial center of Albania. The city boulevards are marked with fascinating relics of the Ottoman, Italian and communist past.
In the evening, you can have a drink at one of the numerous cafes or trendy bars of the “Blloku” district. The most animated quarter of the city lies at the place where before the democratic changes it was not allowed for the public to enter as it was inhabited only by the higher leadership.
The price includes:
• Accommodation in a 4-Star hotel in Tirana
*Please see “Inclusions” section!


Day 2: Hiking on the “Girls Trail” to Prizren: T2, 4h, ↑750m, ↓750m, 12km

After the pickup from your hotel in Tirana, begins the journey towards Kosovo, up to the starting point of our hike.
Starting at the monastery of the holy archangels near the city of Prizren, the trail begins ascending steeply, passing through a small village, until it reaches its maximum altitude at around 1000m above sea level. From there, we will descend to the fortress of Prizren, on a gentle trail that runs through forests. The descent continues up to the city, where you will have some free time to explore it by yourself.
In the afternoon the journey continues in the direction of Prishtinë, where dinner and accommodation are provided.
The price includes:
• Breakfast
• Packed Lunch
• Dinner
• Accommodation in a 4-Star hotel in Prishtinë
*Please see “Inclusions” section!


Day 3: Hiking from Mount Vodno to the Matka Canyon: T2, 4h, ↑150m, ↓900m, 11km

After the breakfast, transfer to the top of Mount Vodno. The hike of the day starts from the top of the mountain, where the millennium cross lies. During the first part of the hike, we will walk on scree on a good visible trail. Then the trail becomes steeper and sometimes slippery going through the forest.
After the activity, transfer to Skopje, where we will have e short visit of the city and its main attractions.
In the late afternoon transfer to Tetovo, where accommodation is planned.
The price includes:
• Breakfast
• Packed Lunch
• Accommodation in a 4-Star hotel in Tetovë
*Please see “Inclusions” section!


Day 4: Hike to the Tito Peak: T3, 10h, ↑1600m, ↓1600m, 27km

We will start the day with the transfer to Popova Shapka. At the beginning the trail is visible and easy to follow. It continues gently gaining altitude, and as we get nearer to the summit, the terrain becomes steeper. The mountain was named after Marshall Tito, the long-time ruler of Yugoslavia. From the top the view over the Sharri Mountains and Albania, Macedonia & Kosovo is rewarding. From there, we will descend on another trail to Popova Shapka where the vehicle will be waiting for the transfer to our hotel.
The price includes:
• Breakfast
• Packed Lunch
• Accommodation in a 4-Star hotel in Tetovë
*Please see “Inclusions” section!


Day 5: Sightseeing tour of Ohrid

After breakfast, we will get on the vehicle for the transfer to Ohrid, where a sightseeing tour of the city is planned. We will visit Ohrid historical center with the Roman theatre-arena, St. Sophia Cathedral and numerous Byzantine churches with stunning frescoes. After some free time for lunch, we will meet again for the transfer to Berat, where dinner and accommodation are planned.
The price includes:
• Breakfast
• Dinner
• Accommodation in a 4-Star hotel in Berat
*Please see “Inclusions” section!


Day 6: Hiking along the ridge of Mt. Shpiragu: T3, 6h, ↑850m, ↓600m, 11km
Berat – UNESCO World Heritage

Mount Shpiragu lies in the vicinity of Berati and has many parallel ridges on its eastern side, all leading to the main ridgeline.
Starting from the village of Mbreshtan, we will follow the trail that leads to the ridgeline. Even though the mountain is not very high, at 1197m, the views on all sides are magnificent. From there you can see the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, the holy Tomorri Mountain, the capitals Mt. Dajti, and in good visibility, even the mountains above Gjirokastra and Përmet.
The hike continues along the ridgeline up to the village of Sinjë, where the vehicle will be waiting for the transfer to Berat.
It is one of the main attractions of Albania with more than 2400 years of history. Berat is a wonderful combination of eastern and western cultures, costumes and traditions. The city’s life began as an Illyrian settlement. A short, guided walk through the cobblestone alleys of the old city is planned before dinner.
Dinner in a traditional restaurant and accommodation are provided in Berat.
The price includes:
• Breakfast
• Packed Lunch
• Dinner
• Accommodation in a 4-Star hotel in Berat
*Please see “Inclusions” section!


Day 7: Hiking up the holy mountain of Tomorr: T3, 8h, ↑1500m, ↓1500m, 16km

Transfer to the starting point of the hike. We will start at first through dense forests and later through meadows, until we reach a narrow trough. The ascend continues on scree up to the pass, and later winds around the mountain until we reach the summit. The views from the top are magnificent and most of Albania can be seen from there in good visibility. The descend follows on the same trail back to the vehicles.
Dinner and accommodation in Berat.
The price includes:
• Breakfast
• Packed Lunch
• Dinner
• Accommodation in a 4-Star hotel in Berat
*Please see “Inclusions” section!


Day 8: Hike in the Llogara National Park: T2, 4h, ↑650m, ↓450m, 11km

After the breakfast we will start the journey towards coastal Albania. A short coffee break is planned in Vlora. Then we will continue towards Llogara National Park. With a total area of 1010 acres, it is one of the most beautiful sites in Albania. In the inner part of the forest there are beautiful lawns, countless natural resources and numerous animal and bird species.
Today, we will hike to the Thanasi Peak. The trail which we will follow is one of the most beautiful of the entire park. It runs through a dense forest toward Qafa e Thellë, until we reach the pass that separates the national parks of Llogara and Karaburun. From there, the ascend to the peak follows the ridgeline. The views from there are magnificent, and, if we are lucky, we can even catch a glimpse of the Italian coastline, less than 90km away. We will descend to the Llogara Pass, and board the vehicle for the short transfer to Dhërmi, where dinner and the accommodation is planned.
The price includes:
• Breakfast
• Packed Lunch
• Dinner
• Accommodation in a 3-Star hotel in Dhërmi
*Please see “Inclusions” section!


Day 9: Hiking to the Ngjipe Beach: T2, 3h, 6km, ↑350m, ↓300m

After breakfast, transfer to the starting point of the hike to Ngjipe. We will follow a well-prepared trail to descend to the beach. Some small stops are planned at panoramic spots along the way.
The canyon of Ngjipe is situated along the lower parts of Ngjipe stream, between Vuno and Ilias. It is formed by water erosion, is more than 2km long and 100m deep. Walking along its length is a unique experience. The landscape is attractive, the beach is clean and the water clear.
After some time to enjoy the sea and the sun on the beach, the hike continues on a steep trail up to the village called Vuno, from where we will be transferred to the hotel in Dhërmi.
The price includes:
• Breakfast
• Packed Lunch
• Accommodation in a 3-Star hotel in Dhërmi
*Please see “Inclusions” section!


Day 10: Hike to the Qorre Peak: T3, 7h, ↑1000m, ↓1000m, 9km

The day starts with the transfer from Dhërmi to the starting point of the hike. Today’s destination is the Qorre Peak. The Mountain rises to an altitude of 2018 meters and is the second highest peak of the Ceraunian Mountains. On the west, Mount Çikë goes sharp into the sea: a difference of more than 2000 meters in less than 5 kilometers. Especially on its upper part, there are very steep mountain slopes. The trail to the Pass is very visible, but steep and you’ll have to walk on scree.
After a short photo break, we will descent following the same trail and board the vehicle to start the transfer to Tirana, where the accommodation will be provided.
In the evening, the guide will pick you up at your hotel to walk together to the restaurant for the farewell dinner.
The price includes:
• Breakfast
• Packed Lunch
• Farewell Dinner
• Accommodation in a 4-Star hotel in Tirana
*Please see “Inclusions” section!


Day 11: Departure

After breakfast at your hotel, it is time to say goodbye to Albania.
The price includes:
• Breakfast
*Please see “Inclusions” section!

Performance level:

Our daily trip descriptions give detailed information about: terrain, technical difficulty, estimated walking times, ascent/descent in meters. We kindly ask you to read these very carefully and consider them while choosing your trip.

The given technical difficulty for each daily trip specifies in any case the maximum difficulty in the course of the corresponding trip. That does not necessarily mean that the whole day trip is technically that difficult.



↑ = Ascent in meters

↓ = Descent in meters


Walking time:

Estimated walking times are given for each day. These times do vary, however, according to the day’s weather conditions, and the fitness levels of the tour participants. These times do not include times taken for meals and breaks.



During the entirety of this tour, you will be accommodated in carefully selected hotels.

The accommodation will be provided on a twin-share basis. The hotel rooms all have a private bathroom with a shower/bath and toilet. In rare occasions, the accommodation in hotels will be provided in triple rooms.

In all cases, we pair up solo travelers with other travelers of the same gender as per the gender marker on each of their passports.


Solo travelers:

The tour is suitable for solo travelers.


Luggage transportation:

We take care of the luggage transportation between the accommodations. You will only carry your personal daypack.



All transfers described in the itinerary are included in the price and will be organized by us.



If you wish to extend your journey by a few days, we are at your disposal to further organize your tour according to your wishes. All related services and costs are not included in the tour price and as such will be additionally calculated.

The tour begins and ends in Tirana. If you wish to start or end your tour from/to another location, we can pick you up or drop you off against additional charge, enabling your participation in the travel.



We are strongly committed towards responsible and sustainable travel.

We please our guests to follow our guidelines regarding sustainability:

• Respect the local people, their culture and environment.
• Support locally owned businesses, restaurants and other services: Eat local food and drink local brands and brews.
• Shop from traditional artisans and for locally made products. Favor local products over imported items. This helps in keeping traditional crafts alive. Even a small amount could be extremely important to local producers.
• Always ask first before photographing or videoing people. Send them back copies of photos to help make it a two-way exchange.
• We strongly recommend bringing reusable water bottles. In places where tap water is potable, this eliminates the usage of single-use plastic bottles entirely.
• Bring a water filter. This way you can drink tap water even in places where it is otherwise unsafe to do so.
• Bring a reusable straw in case you use them regularly.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Our staff and guides are trained and able to advise you in detail about our approach towards sustainability.

Included in the price:
• All trips according to the program schedule
• Transport in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
• 8 nights’ accommodation in 4 Star hotels
• 2 nights’ accommodation in 3 Star hotels
• Meals according to the program schedule
• Water during the meals and for the hikes
• Entries and visits listed in the program
• Luggage transport between accommodations
• Accompaniment by an English-speaking guide during the entire journey


Not included in the price:
• Transfer from and to the airport
• Any type of insurance
• Any beverages
• Other services not mentioned in the included section above or in the itinerary

Essential Equipment:
• Daypack
• Rain cover for daypack
• Hiking boots (category B/C)
• Hiking trousers
• Sweater/Jacket
• Waterproof jacket and trousers
• T-shirts/shirts
• Spare socks
• Reusable water bottles (at least 2 liters in total)
• Comfortable shoes for traveling and sightseeing
• Head lamp
• Warm hat
• Sunhat
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses
• Blister bandages
• Any prescription medication you might need
• Duffle bag for personal luggage
• Passport or ID


Recommended Equipment:
• Water filter or alternative water purification system
• Reusable container for packed lunch
• Reusable straw
• Hydration system
• Slippers
• Personal first aid kit
• Insect repellent
• Trekking Poles

Departure Dates:

Please click the date you are interested in from the list below:

24 August 2024 – 03 September 2024

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