what makes us different

We make sure that yours will be a transformative travel, and your impressions will last a lifetime.


We live everywhere we travel

We test out every place we recommend, in person, and foster genuine friendships in local communities to introduce you to the wealth and warmth of hospitality by local hosts and friends throughout the region. We stop along the way to taste life in rural, often remote communities, where you can watch, encounter and experience the realities of a lifestyle often changed little over centuries.


We take you on unbeaten paths

Much of the Western Balkan’s region and especially Albania are places waiting to be discovered. We design every trip and test out unbeaten paths and trails first, to find the region’s best kept secrets. We offer you journeys through places of majestic scenery, spectacular mountains, remote valleys, deep gorges, rivers, caves, lakes, small hidden bays and crystal-clear sea, where you can sample the rare blends of adventure, mystery, beauty and even solitude.


We accompany you through the discovery of unparalleled routes

Since ancient times, Albania and the Western Balkans have seen different cultural influences come and go, leaving behind a host of archaeological and historical treasures, such as different ancient sites, Roman and Greek cities, hillside castles and fortresses, walled towns, Medieval monasteries, churches, mosques and other interesting jewels.


We make sure your trip becomes an immersion into the local culinary traditions

Albania, and the Western Balkans are rich in culinary delights, and we seek to introduce guests to even the most hidden skills and traditions. You will taste something new every day, whether homemade raki, pastries, freshly baked bread, tasty vegetable, and cheese dishes, all served by locals in their own homes and yards.


We take care of absolutely everything, so you can just have fun

We travel in small groups, making the fulfilment of your needs possible. On more demanding tours there will be more than one guide. We have a schedule for each day, but we are flexible, and changes are possible on request. Let us know your dietary requirements and we will meet them.


Choose your own pace

Treks are at your own pace. If you are tired, or prefer a different activity, we seek to book another for you, where possible. And if you prefer to just sit and enjoy a coffee, that’s fine. We are not in a race: we are here to taste life.


Our guides will make your journey enjoyable

Our guides are fit, active, athletic and love nature, have a deep knowledge of the land, history and people. They are flexible and informative. They also love exploring the land, seeking out new places, experiences, sites and undiscovered views and landscape jewels.


We choose unique hotels offering truly unforgettable experiences

Our hoteliers are now friends and offer our guests their very best. We also use local guesthouses, small, simple, but clean and hospitable.


We choose the restaurants very carefully

We have chosen local homes which offer amazing homemade food, quality traditional restaurants in beautiful locations embodying authentic atmospheres, all designed to make you feel welcome.

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